Lisney Marayi, a young Cuban Christian was prompted by God during her prayer to leave her home and travel 4 hours south east to Guantanamo to tell others about Christ.  But she began to doubt God’s voice and did nothing.  God then spoke to another lady 8 hours to the west in a city called Santa Clara.  He showed Lisney to this lady in a vision, and also showed her the house Lisney lived in with the exact location and address. It was a repeat of Cornelius’s experience in the book of Acts. God told her that she was to go to Lisney and tell her that she was to go to Guantanamo and tell the people of that city about Christ.  God’s promise was that he would be with her, confirming her words with power. The lady from Santa Clara obeyed God and arrived at Lisney’s house in the province of Holguien. The lady was surprised when an older lady answer the door (Lisney’s grandmother).  The lady asked the older woman if Lisney lived there. She said “yes” and invited her in.  When the lady saw Lisney she spoke the exact words God had told her to speak to Lisney.

Lisney could doubt no longer.  She quickly packed a few belongings and made the trip to Guantanamo, where she began to preach.  She began in a church where a pastor discerned God’s anointing on Lisney, even through she was a young believer with no formal bible training. As she spoke God began to move in power, driving out demons, healing paralytics, restoring limbs, anointing young people and even children with a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The prophecy in Joel was being fulfilled. The word quickly spread throughout the town of what God was doing through this young lady.  Soon the streets outside the church were packed with the towns inhabitants. Lisney had to climb up on the roof of the church to speak to them, and the miracles continued. Even the police served as ushers to bring the sick and lame to her. In one week more than 3000 people accepted Christ.  There were more than 300 miraculous healings. Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell, Closer Than You Think

Almost a month ago, my father-in-law died. He had lived a full life, farmed with his wife and loved it, raised five daughters and loved them. He never seemed to be anxious or concerned about what he had, or the need to accumulate more. The night before his death, my wife said that when he looked at her it was as if he was looking beyond her, like he could see something beyond that she could not see. Was it a glimpse of eternity?…of heaven? Most of our talks as a family have been about work, finances, holidays, almost everything but what is beyond this short life. Yet somehow, looking at dad’s lifeless body, his spirit gone, and reflecting on the shortness of the life, of someone we ate with, laughed with, hugged and respected prompted a conversation that seemed to draw us all closer together than any of those other conversations. How close was heaven? Could dad see us? Continue reading

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Canada’s Gift to Israel


So read the headline Jerusalem Post commentary (Evelyn Gordon,, 08/05/2011) regarding Stephen Harper’s majority re-election, for the first time in his three terms of office. The article begins by saying: “The vote, of course, had nothing to do with Israel: Harper’s Conservative Party won mainly due to his economic stewardship, under which Canada suffered far less from the global economic crisis than most other Western countries” However, as believers in Jeshua we know that Canada has been reaping the physical blessing of Genesis 12:3, by blessing God’s covenant people and land through support on the international scene. The reality is that Stephen Harper is one of Israel’s closest friends when compared with national leaders worldwide. The article goes on to say that it has been as a result of his leadership that Canada has “repeatedly cast the sole vote against anti-Israel resolutions in the UN Human Rights Council” (Ibid). Canada was the first country to boycott the 2009 UN Durban II conference on racism, discerning in advance that it was shaping up to be an anti-Israel demonstration. Continue reading

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Harper Majority Prayed In

Its official! The Harper government has a majority! For many in Canada watching the elections on May 2nd, 2011, it was somewhat of a surprise.  With the surge in the polls swinging strongly to the NDP, not may predicted that the result would be a majority conservative government. Yet, this election has resulted in a much more stable parliament through a strong governing party, and a strong opposition. It brought an end to the years of minority rule and frustrated government which has been hand-cuffed in its decision-making in Ottawa. The Canadian press said that this election would be a protest vote against the Conservatives and Harper.  In the end, it was a protest vote against the parties that were focused on splitting the country or the government, the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberals.  The people of Quebec voted to support the federation and participate in the decision-making through empowering a new opposition, the NDP. The Bloc party all but ceased to exist. The Liberal threat to bring down a conservative minority government, if elected, backfired.  The majority of Canadians voted for a majority conservative government at the expense of the Liberals, who were decimated as a party. The Liberal stronghold in Ontario has been dismantled. Canadians across the country have spoken: They want a government which will no longer be hindered in governing effectively,  and in strengthening Canada as a world leader in economic recovery. However, even beyond the above observations and confessions which will be heard from some of our more moderate members of the press,  is the spiritual reality behind the scenes. Continue reading

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China, Cuba, The Church And Change

These are amazing times for the church in many communist countries, and especially for the believers in China and Cuba. For many years, to be christian was a choice to be marginated and even persecuted in these communist nations. Open persecution of Christians was still evident in the 80’s in Cuba and even into the 90’s in China. However, times have changed. And while at one time christians were considered a threat to the government policy in these nations, today there is a whole new opinion.  The governments of both of these nations have seen the incredible benefit of the church in addressing the ills of society.  Having observed the church’s success in setting people free from alcoholism, the Cuban government invited Christian denominational leaders to give direction in providing effective programs of rehabilitation for the plague of alcoholism that has swept the across the country, in particular among men. Membership in the Cuban communist party no longer requires a declaration that one is an atheist, but states a freedom of belief and freedom of worship for its members. Even pastors are invited to become members of the party. There are more and more delegates that are Christian in the cuban government. Things are changing. In China, while Christians are still banned from membership in the communist party, the Church as a whole has been praised by the Chinese government.

Continue reading

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Cuba is in the middle of the worst drought it has experienced in 50 years. The water resevoirs are now down to 1/5 the normal levels. People in Havana are lining up daily waiting for water trucks to fill up buckets to meet the most basic necessities. In the eastern end of the island in Holguien, cattle country, the cattle are terribly emaciated from the lack of water. This is also a concern for churches from Canada that have been helping establish small farm businesses on the island. Water is the key element necessary for the success of small family farms with crops and animals. And the drought could not have hit at a more important time. Cuban communist leaders are meeting for a historic summit to enact laws that will not only allow for economic change, but bring change to structures and practises that over 50 years have slowly eaten away at productivity and prosperity. The nation is awaiting an end not only to the present environmental drought but also to the economic drought.  Continue reading

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Japan´s Earthquake…God’s Message?!

If we believe in a sovereign God for which no world event is a coincidence, we must believe in a God who speaks through each event. The question, however, as we reflect on the earthquake that took place in Japan is: “What was God saying to the citizens of this world?” And further, “What was God saying to his Church?” This morning I heard a pastor mention a prophecy that he had heard some years ago, before the Kobe earthquake. God had spoken to a North American leader, known to have significant gifting and accuracy in the area of prophecy. The Lord had shown this leader a specific earthquake in Japan that would initiate a series of earthquakes, in particular in the US, that would actually bring the US  economy to its knees. They would be of such a magnitude that they would have a significant impact world wide. When the Kobe earthquake took place  in 1995, this leader indicated that it was not the earthquake that the Lord had shown him.  However, when the Sendai earthquake took place he was emphatic – “This is the earthquake the Lord showed me! The earthquakes on the US west coast will begin soon.” At the same time, he could not say how soon.  Rather than respond in fear, we must remember that Jesus long ago gave us the signs of his coming.  One of the clear signs would be the increase of earthquakes.”There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world” (Matthew 24:7). The question again is: what is God`s message to the world and to his Church.

The Lord used my wife to help me understand the answer to that question the very morning the Sendai quake took place. Continue reading

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It all began with a conversation with a couple in  Havana, Cuba, desperate to find a solution for their two boys who fought constantly.  Oved, seven, was two years older than his younger brother David. Oved pestered David when he was bored. And then David would become enraged and respond with  violent temper.  At the moment I didn´t know quite what to suggest except pray…pray together as a family. Several months later, the mother approached me and said: “The most amazing thing has happened.  Our boys are getting along much better.  But even more amazing – when David prays things happen. He has started praying for God to heal people in our church, and God is healing everyone that he prays for.  Now the people are coming to him for prayer. It is just amazing to see our little five year old boy lay his hands on people and pray.”  Just a few weeks ago, this couple sent me an email describing another amazing event in David`s growing adventure with God.  They had just arrived for the worship service.  One of the leaders asked five year old David to pray to open the service.  David looked at the leader and said: “I can´t pray until God tells me what to say.” He was silent waiting for some time.  Finally, he began to pray, and the Holy Spirit began to move.  It turned out to be one of the most powerfully anointed worship services that the congregation had every experienced.  The lesson for the congregation could not have been clearer from the Holy Spirit:  ”I do not need intricate plans and programs, just a five year old boy who knows how to listen.”  Five year old David is a modern boy Samuel. Jesus said: “Father I rejoice that you have hidden these things from the wise and learned but revealed them to little children.”  Jesus also said: “You must be become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.” It begins with seven simple words. “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” God may have the most amazing surprise awaiting for you as parents.  Take the time to pray with your children on a daily basis.  Begin to listen together for God´s voice. Not only will the way your children respond to each other and to you begin to change, but God may call and anoint them to be powerful instruments of his presence and healing to others.

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None of us will forget Friday, 11 March 2011. It was an event than has altered the world, literally. The 9.0 magnitude megathrust earthquake, whose epicenter was 81 miles east of Sendai, was of such a magnitude that it actually shifted the earth on its axis, affecting its tilt and the speed of its rotation. The implications of that are yet unknown. The earthquake released a surface energy that was nearly double that of the 2004 Indian Ocean quake and Tsunami that killed 240,000 people. The total energy released was more than 600 million times the energy of the Hiroshima bomb. We will never forget the surreal images of a Tsunami that reached 30 ft in height and wiped out whole towns within minutes. In the affected area of Sendai and surrounding towns approximately 7200 are known dead, and another 10,200 are missing. The people in Japan had no more than a minute to prepare after hearing the Earthquake Early Warning alarms. And those near the epicenter that heard the alarm had less than 30 minutes to escape the oncoming Tsunami. Many thousands of lives were saved as a result. However, many more thousands were lost who never heard the alarm or did not have the means to escape. As if that were not enough, the earthquake and Tsunami have left the nation in another crisis, of a nuclear facility in Fukushima that could be experiencing some meltdown, and releasing radioactive material into the atmosphere and into the earth and water system. Radioactive iodine was detected in tap water in Fukushima city on 16 March at 8.00 am JST. Milk and spinach have also been detected with radioactive contamination. Tokyo, which is 200 km away has experienced radioactivity that is 10 times normal levels. Each day the Japanese are daily awakening to what appears to be a nightmare.  One Japanese man said: “I pinch my cheek daily to see if this is all a bad dream. But it is still there.” Continue reading

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Prophecy and the Events In Egypt

In the past few months we have seen the power of agreement to topple governments and shake nations. When people are concerned about critical issues and the need for change and then come into agreement, a powerful synergy is created that shakes the very foundations that were once considered unchangeable. The reality is that God has designed into the human fabric this potential. In the book of Genesis 11:6 God declared of the agreement of the masses to build the tower of Babel: “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing is impossible for them.” In the last several decades, we have seen the exponential increment of movements of agreement around the world, whether political, economic or social. The European Union was the first major evidence of this trend. Many believe that the King of the North (antichrist) mentioned by the prophet Daniel will emerge from the European Union or a future reorganization of the EU. In the Middle East the agreement of the masses has not been motivated by political and economic leadership but rather by leaders of social and religious protest. The Muslim Brotherhood movement, based out of Egypt, has been the common thread in the protests. It has the potential to unite muslims across the Middle East and Africa. Its control over the Egyptian military was seen this week as Iranian warships were permitted to pass through the Suez Canal for the first time since the 1979 islamic revolution.  Is it from this movement of islamic unity that the King of the South in Daniel’s prophecy will emerge? According to the book of Daniel, even Israel will one day finally capitulate to be part of a 7 year agreement “with many”. It is an agreement that will be motivated by the antichrist (King of the North), and will include the King of the South, and “many” other nations. Israel will agree to it in order to have assurances of peace on their borders and to see their desires for Jerusalem fulfilled. (Daniel 9:27, 11:23). To fulfill Scripture, they will finally be permitted to rebuild their temple (Matthew 24:15), perhaps alongside the Muslim shrine, the Dome of the Rock. It will appear at that time,  that the human agreement and alliance of man (666) will have brought the world to the brink of global peace, democracy and prosperity. Continue reading

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