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What’s Behind The Mass Demonstrations In The Arab World?

In the last week we have seen amazing mass demonstrations sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East. It began in Tunisia and continued like a domino effect.  Facebook and Twitter have been key mediums for organizing and directing the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Battle In North Battleford

North Battleford, Saskatchewan has been the sight of significant battles through its history, both physical and spiritual.  It is also the location where the Battle River flows into the North Saskatchewan River, seeming to suggest that the life of the … Continue reading

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Second Wave Mortgage Crisis 2011

While most have almost forgotten the scare of the first mortgage crisis, there is a small group of bankers, financiers, and government officials that are carefully following a mortgage crisis that is potentially more threatening. Many of the Alt A, … Continue reading

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2011: Military Build-up

The Economist, the world´s premier magazine for in depth international news coverage stated in its predictions issue The World In 2011, that China, Europe, Russia and India would be transforming their economic growth into significantly increased military power in this … Continue reading

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2011: Get Ready For Change

Wherever I travel the prophetic word that keeps popping up for 2011 is “change”. There is a shift coming for the church and for the world. If anything describes the current situation on this planet it is “precarious”.  There is … Continue reading

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