Prophecy and the Events In Egypt

In the past few months we have seen the power of agreement to topple governments and shake nations. When people are concerned about critical issues and the need for change and then come into agreement, a powerful synergy is created that shakes the very foundations that were once considered unchangeable. The reality is that God has designed into the human fabric this potential. In the book of Genesis 11:6 God declared of the agreement of the masses to build the tower of Babel: “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing is impossible for them.” In the last several decades, we have seen the exponential increment of movements of agreement around the world, whether political, economic or social. The European Union was the first major evidence of this trend. Many believe that the King of the North (antichrist) mentioned by the prophet Daniel will emerge from the European Union or a future reorganization of the EU. In the Middle East the agreement of the masses has not been motivated by political and economic leadership but rather by leaders of social and religious protest. The Muslim Brotherhood movement, based out of Egypt, has been the common thread in the protests. It has the potential to unite muslims across the Middle East and Africa. Its control over the Egyptian military was seen this week as Iranian warships were permitted to pass through the Suez Canal for the first time since the 1979 islamic revolution.  Is it from this movement of islamic unity that the King of the South in Daniel’s prophecy will emerge? According to the book of Daniel, even Israel will one day finally capitulate to be part of a 7 year agreement “with many”. It is an agreement that will be motivated by the antichrist (King of the North), and will include the King of the South, and “many” other nations. Israel will agree to it in order to have assurances of peace on their borders and to see their desires for Jerusalem fulfilled. (Daniel 9:27, 11:23). To fulfill Scripture, they will finally be permitted to rebuild their temple (Matthew 24:15), perhaps alongside the Muslim shrine, the Dome of the Rock. It will appear at that time,  that the human agreement and alliance of man (666) will have brought the world to the brink of global peace, democracy and prosperity.

However, ultimately human agreements never function unless they are aligned and  submitted to God’s Kingdom in Christ. The Scriptures are clear: no matter how altruistic we may try to be, the human heart separate from God will always default to selfishness rather than sacrifice for others. Only Christ, the Prince of Peace, who won our peace and forgiveness in his sacrifice, is worthy to be followed. Only his Kingdom will last forever. God revealed to Daniel that out of the human agreements (in the end times) will come wars. It appears that the muslim peoples will be united in Africa and the Middle East and will form a southern kingdom that Daniel says will come under the leadership of one who will be called the King of the South. Combined, current armies of islamic nations in the Middle East and North Africa would form a force of approximately 2 million troops. A European Union that included Russia (Gog and Magog) would also form a force of approximately 2 million troops. Now that Turkey has given up hope on being included in the European Union, and is aligning once again with the islamic nations, it should not be a surprise that the EU is courting Vladimir Putin and Russia to join the EU and the Eurozone. Above all things the EU lacks a balance of military power. Russian is planning expenditures of 650 BN dollars on their military. Russia combined with Germany would swing the balance in their favor over the U.S. or China. Once again Israel will become the center of attention. The “King of the North” will convince Israel, the muslim kingdom and many nations to sign an agreement with him for peace in Jerusalem and the Middle East. But, he will finally show his true colors. The antichrist, the imitator of the true Prince of Peace, will be exposed. Rather than honor the agreement, and the Jewish and Muslim claims to Israel and Jerusalem,  he will act deceitfully and invade Israel (Daniel11: 21-24). There will be war between the antichrist and the muslim King of the South with his massive muslim army. The King of the North will have success against the muslim King of the South, but will not be able to defeat him (Daniel 11:25-30). Surprisingly, it will be an islamic navy that will halt his military conquest and cause him to lose hope (Daniel 11:29,30). In his frustration, he and his armies will vent their anger on Jerusalem, the temple and the people of the covenant. He will desecrate the temple and persecute and destroy those who refuse to renounce their faith in God and their agreement with Him through His covenant (Daniel 11:30 -35; Matthew 24:15-24). He will even declare himself to be “God” (2 Thessalonians 2:3,4) and force the mark of the human alliance (666) on the right hand or forehead of all who wish to buy or sell (Revelation 13:16-18).  All of the above is suggested as a prophetic biblical scenario to which the present movements of human alignment and agreement may be taking us. Only God truly knows the implications of the present current events. But how can we be prepared for the outcome of the growing human alignments and agreements?

There is only one divine agreement and one people who will be victorious in the end:  the people of the new covenant of God through Christ’s blood (Daniel 12:1,2). In the time of greatest darkness and distress they will “shine like the stars” and “lead many to righteousness” (Daniel 12:3).What a great contrast of agreements. Contrasted with “the many” that will be deceived into an agreement of man with the antichrist (the 666 of Revelation 13:16-18), are “the many” that will be led to righteousness through those faithful in sharing God’s covenant of forgiveness, even at the expense of their own lives. If a corrupted humanity that makes agreements can generate such a synergy that whole nations are shaken, what is going to happen when the people of God finally come together, united in the divine agreement of the covenant of Christ’s blood?  By his blood he has made us to be a kingdom of priestly intercessors to rule on the earth through agreement in prayer (Revelation 5:9,10). If Jesus promises to respond if only 2 or 3 would agree and pray in his name, what will happen when thousands and millions of believers from around the world agree and pray in his name for his Kingdom come his will be done on earth as in heaven? If a humanity that denies Christ can unite with such a force through using the modern technologies of the social networks on the internet such as facebook, twitter, etc, what will happen when christians around the world become organized using these technologies under the direction of the Holy Spirit? Rather than passively live out our faith as world events unfold it is time for us to step onto the world stage as God directs history to it glorious conclusion through the church. Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.” (John 14:12,13). You and I have the chance to be part of something much greater than what is taking place in the middle east. It just takes two to get it started.  All you have to do is agree in Jesus name.

Here are some practical suggestions:

1. Start small, think big. Gain experience by beginning a strategic prayer movement in your community by uniting believers from the churches in your city. Believe that it will go way beyond your community.  Determine ways and times to communicate with each other and pray.

2. Pray to develop God’s vision for your city. Study the name and history of the city and pray to identify God’s redemptive purposes for the community. Envision how every sector of the city would look under God’s control (government, justice, education, social services, health, media, business, etc.). Pray for your governments, and bless them for what they are doing right. Identify those in influential positions and people that would be sympathetic to the vision. Pray for them. Communicate with them. Pray also for those that might be in opposition. Some in opposition to righteousness may turn out to be the greatest instruments for God´s work, just as Saul became the Apostle Paul.

3. Develop a strategy for setting the city free from Satan’s hold. Pray to identify Satan’s pillars of support and a strategy for undermining each. The true heavenly strategy is the cross. True change will only come as there is repentance in each city for unrighteousness. Pray for repentance in your city.  Disarm the brute force of the enemy by humbly taking up the cross and its message. Jonah discovered the power of God´s word to bring Nineveh to repentance. Paul reminds us to not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God for salvation. Never fall into the enemy’s trap of using force and human manipulation to counteract force. Then you will be using his weapon.

4. Learn from historical examples of other prayer and Christian social movements that have been effective in social transformation of communities and even nations (Transformation Videos 1,2,3; The Story of William Wilberforce; The Welsh Revival; The Puritans).

5. Guard the unity of the movement through constant forgiveness and reconciliation. Remember that Satan will attempt to divide primarily from within, not from without. Use internet facebook, twitter, text messaging to communicate and unify your movement, but remember that true unity is not through technology but the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:2,3).

6. Never give up! Never stop believing! Never stop hoping! Never stop forgiving! The perfect love of Christ will never fail!

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2 Responses to Prophecy and the Events In Egypt

  1. GodsThoughts says:

    Have you considered for a minutes, that Pope John Paul II visions may be right, that god spoke to all the nations in different ways accoding to their culture, and we are just too blind to realise we need to put together the whole message ?

    What makes you think that muslims topling their givernments and instauring democracy at last in their region isn’t his plan

    All religions, which initialy came from god’s message, were corrupted by earthly interests, generating crusades and jihad accross the world. In Islam case, it’s even more dramatic, because the Koran strictly forbid them to attack jews and christians, and yet they disobeyed that order, and listen to the immam and caliph and the promise of plunder.

    On the christian side we had our antipopes, and gods sent many sent to warn the various popes, of the need to return to simplicity, to let go of material trapping; but they never listened

    Of the modern days, I think Mother Theresa was a good example of what a good christian should be.

    Gods words are not about prayers, not about you asking him to give you or others “things” but about listening to his will through your actions and good deeds. This, prayer through action, is all god care about, and it’s the only form of true prayer.

    I’m not saying not to meditate and contemplate, which are other forms of good prayers, I’m saying not to do the bad sort of prayers, or to try to convern by force, either financialy, physicaly or verbaly.

    Anyway I won’t talk much about prophecy, because all will be seen in its own time. Focus on good action in your community, not just christians, don’t “religio-racist”, help anyone in need.

    I once had a friend that claimed the worst murderer, if born christian, was certain to enter heaven if the priest gave him the last rites, while the indian born ihindu, the chinese born budhist, if they didn’t convert, were going to hell no matter how saintly they acted through their life.

    This is a lie. God only will pass judgement, and there is only one god. He doesn’t obey anyone, not even the Pope, it’s the other way arround, the Pope has a duty to god. Even the simplest Bhudist, while he think is praying to Budha is in fact secretly being listend to to, and answered to by God, because so great is is magnificiance that he can touch all the souls on this planet at once, no matter what they believe in, and move them toward goodness.

    Mankind has free will, he can choose to listen to the devil, which will be perceived by each person according to the evil one as described by their own religion.

    So be careful of searching for devils and focus on small, and not so small things you can do. Prayers isn’t about finding hope for yourself, it’s about spreading the light, the goodness all arround you, giving hope to others.

    • faith4action says:

      Thank you for the time you have taken to express your thoughts sincerely. Please forgive the long delay on the response. I appreciate the concern about being careful to not be religio-racist. In the middle of what is happening in the middle east, it is easy to lose God’s perspective and his love for all peoples, no matter what background, culture or religion. My intention is to keep that perspective, and I believe as you read each post in its entirety, together with other posts on the same theme you will realize neither my intention nor my comments are “religio-racist.” However, I do make a distinction between being “religio-racist” and believing truths which Jesus Christ expressed about himself, and were heard and recorded by those who saw him live, die and raised to life. They were then martyred for the truths for which they had witnessed. Jesus himself declared to them what you have declared: “For God so loved the world” (everyone). But he didn’t end there. He continued by explaining just how God has shown his love to all…”that he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever would believe in him would not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). If God accepted our attempts to please him ( all religion – religious activity) why did he have to send his Son to save us? I’m not trying to debate with you, but sincerely ask the question: “Jesus why did you do it? Why did you die for us?” I’m sure he would merely look me in the eye, without a word, as he did to those religious leaders who condemned the adulterous woman. He would then kneel down and in silence write into the soil of the earth the letters and words that convicted everyone present. They dropped their stones and left. No one knows exactly what he wrote, but in the end only the adulterous woman stuck around to receive the forgiveness she so desperately needed. In the end we all know we’ve missed the mark, missed being perfect, and have to drop our stones of self-righteousness. If were honest we realize that none of us has kept God’s standard for goodness perfectly. None of us qualifies for a perfect heaven, where our perfect God dwells and eagerly waits for us. Whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Budhist, no honest person would debate our state of imperfection, no matter how we have prayed or how good we perceive ourselves to be. Unfortunately, most of us may be like the religious leaders who despite their recognition of guilt could not humble themselves to receive forgiveness from the only One who could really forgive them completely, the One who would die for them. The irony is that it may be only those like the adulterer, or even a….murderer, who truly is remorseful for his crime and turns to Christ that finds forgiveness. It is ironic that it was a remorseful thief on the cross beside Jesus who asked Jesus to remember him. And Jesus said: “This day you will be with me in paradise.” You were right in questioning your friend’s comment. Its not how were born, whether to a Christian or Muslim family that makes the difference. Its what we do with God’s answer for our need of forgiveness. Jesus will forgive us and he will remember us, if only we truly call and reach out to him.

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