It all began with a conversation with a couple in  Havana, Cuba, desperate to find a solution for their two boys who fought constantly.  Oved, seven, was two years older than his younger brother David. Oved pestered David when he was bored. And then David would become enraged and respond with  violent temper.  At the moment I didn´t know quite what to suggest except pray…pray together as a family. Several months later, the mother approached me and said: “The most amazing thing has happened.  Our boys are getting along much better.  But even more amazing – when David prays things happen. He has started praying for God to heal people in our church, and God is healing everyone that he prays for.  Now the people are coming to him for prayer. It is just amazing to see our little five year old boy lay his hands on people and pray.”  Just a few weeks ago, this couple sent me an email describing another amazing event in David`s growing adventure with God.  They had just arrived for the worship service.  One of the leaders asked five year old David to pray to open the service.  David looked at the leader and said: “I can´t pray until God tells me what to say.” He was silent waiting for some time.  Finally, he began to pray, and the Holy Spirit began to move.  It turned out to be one of the most powerfully anointed worship services that the congregation had every experienced.  The lesson for the congregation could not have been clearer from the Holy Spirit:  ”I do not need intricate plans and programs, just a five year old boy who knows how to listen.”  Five year old David is a modern boy Samuel. Jesus said: “Father I rejoice that you have hidden these things from the wise and learned but revealed them to little children.”  Jesus also said: “You must be become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.” It begins with seven simple words. “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” God may have the most amazing surprise awaiting for you as parents.  Take the time to pray with your children on a daily basis.  Begin to listen together for God´s voice. Not only will the way your children respond to each other and to you begin to change, but God may call and anoint them to be powerful instruments of his presence and healing to others.

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