Japan´s Earthquake…God’s Message?!

If we believe in a sovereign God for which no world event is a coincidence, we must believe in a God who speaks through each event. The question, however, as we reflect on the earthquake that took place in Japan is: “What was God saying to the citizens of this world?” And further, “What was God saying to his Church?” This morning I heard a pastor mention a prophecy that he had heard some years ago, before the Kobe earthquake. God had spoken to a North American leader, known to have significant gifting and accuracy in the area of prophecy. The Lord had shown this leader a specific earthquake in Japan that would initiate a series of earthquakes, in particular in the US, that would actually bring the US  economy to its knees. They would be of such a magnitude that they would have a significant impact world wide. When the Kobe earthquake took place  in 1995, this leader indicated that it was not the earthquake that the Lord had shown him.  However, when the Sendai earthquake took place he was emphatic – “This is the earthquake the Lord showed me! The earthquakes on the US west coast will begin soon.” At the same time, he could not say how soon.  Rather than respond in fear, we must remember that Jesus long ago gave us the signs of his coming.  One of the clear signs would be the increase of earthquakes.”There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world” (Matthew 24:7). The question again is: what is God`s message to the world and to his Church.

The Lord used my wife to help me understand the answer to that question the very morning the Sendai quake took place. I had just finished my time of prayer with the Lord when she said: “Blake there has been a huge quake and Tsunami in Japan.” She then said: “Do you remember the passage of scripture the Lord gave you years ago about building his house of prayer?” I nodded. She then said: “You need to read the next chapter, because there it talks about God´s answer for what is happening this very morning.”  I read the passage in Haggai 2: 3-9. There it clearly outlines God´s plans for his people to rebuild his House, which we now know is not a physical house but a spiritual house of prayer for all the nations (see Jesus declaration, Mark 11:17, John 2:19). However, the amazing thing is that concurrent with God’s prompting his people to rebuild his house of prayer for the nations, would be a major shaking of all the nations, the earth and the seas. “This is what the Lord Almighty says:’In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the dry land.  I will shake all the nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the Lord Almighty” (Haggai 2:6-7). These events have been in God’s calendar since before time, and that is why He revealed them to the prophets. And yet the message is now being revealed in its full understanding.

Jesus glorious coming will be preceded by his people humbling themselves to unite in prayer around the world, raising up His House of Prayer. As the Lord shakes the earth, the seas and the nations, the false security of material possessions and wealth will crumble. The result will be a world harvest of people awakening and turning to Christ as the true treasure and security for their lives and future. However, right now He is calling on His people to prepare the House of Prayer as a store house for the coming harvest.  We must respond now if we are to fulfill our calling for what is about to happen. Those that are ready will stand firm in the coming shaking, and they will be like stars in the darkness,  directing many to the security and safety of Christ in the coming chaos.  How do you prepare for the shaking that is coming?  Our homes, finances, careers, retirement plans will mean nothing when this begins. Place yourself firmly on the only foundation that is safe – Christ and his Kingdom. Surrender your plans and possessions to him now for his direction. Seek Him, listen to him and obey his word for you together with other believers in your local church and community.  For we are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12: 26-29).  The rest will not stand when the shaking begins. Make sure you are part of the firm foundation, with Jesus as the foundation stone of the great House of Prayer that is about to emerge and result in world revival.

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