Cuba is in the middle of the worst drought it has experienced in 50 years. The water resevoirs are now down to 1/5 the normal levels. People in Havana are lining up daily waiting for water trucks to fill up buckets to meet the most basic necessities. In the eastern end of the island in Holguien, cattle country, the cattle are terribly emaciated from the lack of water. This is also a concern for churches from Canada that have been helping establish small farm businesses on the island. Water is the key element necessary for the success of small family farms with crops and animals. And the drought could not have hit at a more important time. Cuban communist leaders are meeting for a historic summit to enact laws that will not only allow for economic change, but bring change to structures and practises that over 50 years have slowly eaten away at productivity and prosperity. The nation is awaiting an end not only to the present environmental drought but also to the economic drought. 

On the other hand, christians on the island have never been more hopeful in 50 years. Prayer has united believers from more than 30 denominations in crying out to God in repentance for the sins of the nation and for the spiritual revival that will result in God’s favor on Cuba. Rather than complain about their political leaders, they are asking that God forgive them for the decisions they have made in the past, and that he would give them wisdom to govern with God’s direction in the crucial days ahead. They are obeying God’s command in terms of praying for the government officials (1 Timothy 2:2). Please join them in praying especially for the decision to be made this weekend to replace 84 year old Fidel with another as co-leader with Raul Castro.  Pray that God raise up godly leaders in Cuban government like the biblical figures of Daniel or Joseph in their generation. Christians are now able to participate in the Cuban  government. So it is not impossible that God has his men or women in the Cuban  government awaiting for such a time of as this.

The church is believing 2 Chronicles 7:14 that “If my people who are known by my name will humble themselves and pray, and and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” One pastor said in three generations of pastors we have not seen the body of Christ in Cuba more united in prayer than it is right now. For that reason we ask you to join with us in prayer. Don’t only pray in terms of the environmental and economic drought.  There is a great drought, a spiritual drought that must also be dealt with in the nation before true blessing can come. Pray for repentance for every Cuban, beginning with the church, and then the rest of the nation up to the highest levels of leadership.  When the hearts of the Cuban people and leaders turn to God and align with his plans and purposes,  Cuba will be a very blessed land and a nation that will bless other nations spiritually and economically.

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