China, Cuba, The Church And Change

These are amazing times for the church in many communist countries, and especially for the believers in China and Cuba. For many years, to be christian was a choice to be marginated and even persecuted in these communist nations. Open persecution of Christians was still evident in the 80’s in Cuba and even into the 90’s in China. However, times have changed. And while at one time christians were considered a threat to the government policy in these nations, today there is a whole new opinion.  The governments of both of these nations have seen the incredible benefit of the church in addressing the ills of society.  Having observed the church’s success in setting people free from alcoholism, the Cuban government invited Christian denominational leaders to give direction in providing effective programs of rehabilitation for the plague of alcoholism that has swept the across the country, in particular among men. Membership in the Cuban communist party no longer requires a declaration that one is an atheist, but states a freedom of belief and freedom of worship for its members. Even pastors are invited to become members of the party. There are more and more delegates that are Christian in the cuban government. Things are changing. In China, while Christians are still banned from membership in the communist party, the Church as a whole has been praised by the Chinese government.

The Church has been given special attention for its programs of addressing the socio-economic issues. Its programs for helping the poor and the aged have been especially noticed. Christian charities running care homes for the rapidly growing number of aged are receiving increased financial support from the government and the chinese communist youth. The government is also helping in the construction of new church buildings and of seminaries to give its vote of support to a growing church and for the church’s training of new christian leaders. As the church has grown so has the productivity of the nation. Government officials have observed that believers are the most diligent, honest and productive as workers and as business owners. As we pray for the nations and for “God’s kingdom come his will be done, on earth as in heaven” don’t forget to pray for Cuba and China. One young chinese student named Jesse (english name) said: I think this nation will change, and I think God is doing great things in China.” If God could raise up people like Daniel, who became principle advisor to Nebuchadnezzar, and Joseph who became ruler of Egypt, second only to Pharoah, and Esther who became queen of Persia, he can do it again. Pray even now for those believers that God is preparing to be his instruments to bring about a true transformation of these nations. Pray for continuing favor on behalf of their governments toward the church. Pray that the churches and believers would continue to unite in prayer and in demonstrating Christ’s love and message in a tangible way. The government in any nation will become righteous when the spiritual government of a united praying Church awakens to its authority and mandate.

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