Harper Majority Prayed In

Its official! The Harper government has a majority! For many in Canada watching the elections on May 2nd, 2011, it was somewhat of a surprise.  With the surge in the polls swinging strongly to the NDP, not may predicted that the result would be a majority conservative government. Yet, this election has resulted in a much more stable parliament through a strong governing party, and a strong opposition. It brought an end to the years of minority rule and frustrated government which has been hand-cuffed in its decision-making in Ottawa. The Canadian press said that this election would be a protest vote against the Conservatives and Harper.  In the end, it was a protest vote against the parties that were focused on splitting the country or the government, the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberals.  The people of Quebec voted to support the federation and participate in the decision-making through empowering a new opposition, the NDP. The Bloc party all but ceased to exist. The Liberal threat to bring down a conservative minority government, if elected, backfired.  The majority of Canadians voted for a majority conservative government at the expense of the Liberals, who were decimated as a party. The Liberal stronghold in Ontario has been dismantled. Canadians across the country have spoken: They want a government which will no longer be hindered in governing effectively,  and in strengthening Canada as a world leader in economic recovery. However, even beyond the above observations and confessions which will be heard from some of our more moderate members of the press,  is the spiritual reality behind the scenes.

Believers across Canada united to pray this majority government in, which has a high percentage of Christian Members of Parliament, and a Christian Prime Minister. God is offering Canada the opportunity to truly step into its destiny as a world leader, not only in economic recovery, but as an instruments of God’s order, justice and blessing on the earth. Just prior to the election I received a message about a vision given to an intercessor who prays passionately for Canada.  And it is the confirmation that what took place today across Canada was no coincidence but a significant divine plan that God has for this nation. Continue to pray for this government and its leadership so that this nation will reach the full potential that God has declared. This was the text of the message:

Terry Sommerville says –
“It looked like a party, but I knew it was spiritual.  I said “Lord, what is this?
and the Holy Spirit said to me “This is the Government of Canada at rest,
and everything set in order.”  I knew it was a prophecy of what God desires
to accomplish in our nation.
Later in the year our denomniation was having its annual meeting in Ottawa.
An MP invited us to hold our banquet in the Parliment Building Ball Room.
During the banquet our national president asked me to tell the vision,
and of course I did.  As we returned to the hotel the Holy Spirit spoke to me
that He had set all this up… He said “You have just prophetically declared
My promise for the Government of Canada, in the parliment buildings of Canada,
Through the official invitation of a member of parliament and a national church leader.”
This vision is not simply a prophetic insight, but an activated word from heaven.
It is in motion now.  It will produce what it was sent forth to do. “
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