Canada’s Gift to Israel


So read the headline Jerusalem Post commentary (Evelyn Gordon,, 08/05/2011) regarding Stephen Harper’s majority re-election, for the first time in his three terms of office. The article begins by saying: “The vote, of course, had nothing to do with Israel: Harper’s Conservative Party won mainly due to his economic stewardship, under which Canada suffered far less from the global economic crisis than most other Western countries” However, as believers in Jeshua we know that Canada has been reaping the physical blessing of Genesis 12:3, by blessing God’s covenant people and land through support on the international scene. The reality is that Stephen Harper is one of Israel’s closest friends when compared with national leaders worldwide. The article goes on to say that it has been as a result of his leadership that Canada has “repeatedly cast the sole vote against anti-Israel resolutions in the UN Human Rights Council” (Ibid). Canada was the first country to boycott the 2009 UN Durban II conference on racism, discerning in advance that it was shaping up to be an anti-Israel demonstration.

Most important says the commentary, has been Harper’s successful efforts at changing the attitudes of its people and leadership at all levels towards Israel.  “Before he took office, Canada’s policy on Israel was identical to Europe’s-meaning lots of lip service about being ‘a friend of Israel’ while in practice opposing it in every international forum and lavishly funding its enemies” (Ibid.). The influence extends beyond his own party. The Jerusalem Post cites an example of the Ontario Provincial legislature when it voted unanimously  to condemn “Israel Apartheid Week” because it “serves to incite hatred against Israel, a democratic state that respects the rule of law and human rights, and diminishes the suffering of those who were victims of a true apartheid regime in South Africa.” When Harper’s Conservative government introduced the bill which influenced the Ontario legislature and the rest of Canada, the motion passed unanimously even though the Conservatives had a minority government. The JPost commentary continues… “In the few short years since he entered the Prime Minister’s Office in 2006, Harper has managed to make being pro-Israel politically respectable in Canada-so respectable that politicians on both sides of the political fence are willing to take pro-Israel positions even when powerful interest groups oppose them.” The commentary concludes by pointing out that there has been a cost for Harper and Canada by standing with Israel.  Harper suffered a humiliating rejection seven months ago in Canada’s bid for a UN Security Council seat. “The defeat was almost certainly influenced by Harper’s pro-Israel policies alienating him from the support of Muslim countries. Yet the sting of that defeat did not stop his voters at home from reelecting him this past week with an even stronger majority” (Ibid.).

Prime Minister Harper is a committed believer, who seeks God’s council. The relationship between himself and the Prime Minister of Israel is a warm one.  Netanyahu called Stephen Harper and congratulated him on the recent election results expressing a sincere desire to meet with him again soon. It would not seem a coincidence that Harper was meeting with Netanyahu at the very moment  when the Israeli prime minister received the news that would bring the world against him – the Turkish “Gaza Flotilla”. It was Harper who was there to stand with him personally, and later internationally following the violent aftermath and reaction from the majority of the world’s national leaders.

Please pray for Prime Minister Harper, whose middle name is Joseph. God has raised up Stephen Harper, as he did Joseph, to give leadership in a time of world economic crisis. That crisis will probably worsen in the near future, and combined with other world shaking events such as we have already seen, will require great understanding and dependence on God to give direction. It just could be that Canada, like Egypt under Joseph’s direction, will be a nation to which other nations will turn, but also one which will give protection to Israel. Pray for his wife Laureen, and his two children Benjamin and Rachel. Pray not only for a double portion of wisdom and strength for the days ahead, but also for protection for them as a family.  Satan’s attempts to destroy Stephen Harper in a violent assassination plot were exposed just in time.  This took place a short time after he first took office as Prime Minister of a minority government. Now that he has a majority, Satan will not sit back. We need to maintain a supernatural protection over him and his family in the name of Jesus.

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2 Responses to Canada’s Gift to Israel

  1. maureen royea says:

    We are so lucky to have him as our prime minister right now! Peace and blessings be upon him and his family.

  2. Kelli says:

    I thank God we have a Prime Minister who has taken such a bold and righteous stand for Israel. We are a blessed land because of it. Let’s keep praying for Prime Minister Harper, his family and all of our leaders. They need the Lord’s protection and wisdom every day for guidance to lead this great nation of Canada.
    God bless Canada, God bless Prime Minister Harper and God bless Israel!

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