Lisney Marayi, a young Cuban Christian was prompted by God during her prayer to leave her home and travel 4 hours south east to Guantanamo to tell others about Christ.  But she began to doubt God’s voice and did nothing.  God then spoke to another lady 8 hours to the west in a city called Santa Clara.  He showed Lisney to this lady in a vision, and also showed her the house Lisney lived in with the exact location and address. It was a repeat of Cornelius’s experience in the book of Acts. God told her that she was to go to Lisney and tell her that she was to go to Guantanamo and tell the people of that city about Christ.  God’s promise was that he would be with her, confirming her words with power. The lady from Santa Clara obeyed God and arrived at Lisney’s house in the province of Holguien. The lady was surprised when an older lady answer the door (Lisney’s grandmother).  The lady asked the older woman if Lisney lived there. She said “yes” and invited her in.  When the lady saw Lisney she spoke the exact words God had told her to speak to Lisney.

Lisney could doubt no longer.  She quickly packed a few belongings and made the trip to Guantanamo, where she began to preach.  She began in a church where a pastor discerned God’s anointing on Lisney, even through she was a young believer with no formal bible training. As she spoke God began to move in power, driving out demons, healing paralytics, restoring limbs, anointing young people and even children with a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The prophecy in Joel was being fulfilled. The word quickly spread throughout the town of what God was doing through this young lady.  Soon the streets outside the church were packed with the towns inhabitants. Lisney had to climb up on the roof of the church to speak to them, and the miracles continued. Even the police served as ushers to bring the sick and lame to her. In one week more than 3000 people accepted Christ.  There were more than 300 miraculous healings.

The lesson is clear.  Jesus promised that we would do the miracles he did, and even more, if only we would believe. If only we would obey. Jesus does not need theological degrees only people that will believe and obey his word. If God could use Lisney in only one week,  what could he do through a church that really believed and obeyed. Peter discovered the same truth, and 3000 were added to the church in one day! Are you ready to discover the God’s power in your life?  Don’t doubt just listen and obey.  Jesus promise in Acts 1:8 was that the power of the Holy Spirit would be activated in us to fulfill his command to be his witnesses.  Lisney is living and  breathing the reality of Jesus promise, because she finally stopped doubting.  Now its our turn.  As you watch the video taken of Lisney, remember she is no different than you or I.  The only difference is that she no longer doubts.

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  1. I was sent your letter by a friend and was thrilled to see the location.

    We (My husband and I) are planning a trip to Cuba in April. A few years ago my husband felt we should help Cuba. As Canadians it is very easy for us to visit. Last fall my husband felt the next area is Guantanamo. We have been to Cuba, several times before to distribute sporting equipment and clothing. Our contacts have been with the Catholic church and even though we are not Catholics it has proved more advantageous in the distribution of goods than meeting with the gov’t. We have met wonderful people and have gone to a maternity home and met with a wonderful group of nuns who run a soup kitchen, but it would seem that we are to go to other areas also.

    Would it be possible to send us a contact in G.? This is the poorest area we will have visited. I understand if you are reluctant to give any names.

    Blessings to you and your ministry.

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