About PrayerClock

24-7 Prayer Clock is a blog site where intercessors building the House of Prayer through the revelation concerning the Divine Prayer Clock can connect, update and encourage one another. With the movement growing in Latin America, and beginning in North America and Asia, the site will be key in tracing the move of the Holy Spirit in response to united and coordinated prayer.

The movement began in 2008 in Havana, in response to a 24-7 prayer conference in which the speaker encouraged the participants to pray at 12 noon for the nations.  During the conference a  Cuban pastor asked a Canadian pastor  participating in the conference if there was any biblical basis for doing so. The Canadian pastor scratched his head, thought for a moment and responded: “I think there is! The Apostle Peter was on the roof of the house of Simon the tanner in Joppa, about noon, waiting for lunch and praying when he received a vision.  It was a vision that broke all his previous presuppositions and opened the door to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the other nations, beginning with a centurion named Cornelius.” The Cuban pastor then questioned again with a rising excitement in his voice.  If there is a biblical basis for praying a noon, specifically for the nations, could it be possible that there is a biblical basis for praying at other times with a specific focus for each time? The result of that question led to a search in the Scriptures that has resulted in a book and a teaching called the Divine Prayer Clock. It is a book that uncovers the incredible truth of a prayer clock hidden within the Scriptures, revealed to Moses, developed by David, and given its fullest meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ. It was practised by the early church, and continued to be a vital part in the life of believers during the first centuries of the church. It has been rediscovered and has revitalized the Christian faith at key moments in the history of the church.

Today there are more than 1400 pastors and leaders uniting from more than 30 denominations to take and practice this teaching to their churches and communities in Cuba.  There has been significant manifestation of the Holy Spirit, particularly in the reconciliation between pastors and leaders of different denominations as they network to pray. There is a growing excitement for what God will do as they renounce the competition and rivalry that has divided and weakened the church in many parts of the country.

Since its launch in Cuba, the teaching and practise of the Divine Prayer Clock has been taken to Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Canada and recently was taken to India.  One pastor there exclaimed that this was the best teaching that he had received on prayer. In Ecuador, another pastor explained the motivation of the teaching for 24-7 prayer: “I now understand that the 24-7 prayer networks are like the chassis of a car, while the Divine Prayer Clock teaching is like the motor that can energize and sustain it.”

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