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It all began with a conversation with a couple in  Havana, Cuba, desperate to find a solution for their two boys who fought constantly.  Oved, seven, was two years older than his younger brother David. Oved pestered David when he was bored. And then David would become enraged and respond with  violent temper.  At the moment I didn´t know quite what to suggest except pray…pray together as a family. Several months later, the mother approached me and said: “The most amazing thing has happened.  Our boys are getting along much better.  But even more amazing – when David prays things happen. He has started praying for God to heal people in our church, and God is healing everyone that he prays for.  Now the people are coming to him for prayer. It is just amazing to see our little five year old boy lay his hands on people and pray.”  Just a few weeks ago, this couple sent me an email describing another amazing event in David`s growing adventure with God.  They had just arrived for the worship service.  One of the leaders asked five year old David to pray to open the service.  David looked at the leader and said: “I can´t pray until God tells me what to say.” He was silent waiting for some time.  Finally, he began to pray, and the Holy Spirit began to move.  It turned out to be one of the most powerfully anointed worship services that the congregation had every experienced.  The lesson for the congregation could not be clearer from the Holy Spirit:  “I don´t need intricate plans and programs, just a five year old boy who knows how to listen.”  Five year old David is a modern boy Samuel. Jesus said: “Father I rejoice that you have hidden these things from the wise and learned but revealed them to little children.”  Jesus also said: “You must be become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.” It begins with seven simple words. “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”


Deborah lives in Canada. Deborah is not her real name. But she is like a modern Deborah, a hidden hero.  Her surroundings of crime, alcohol and drugs have not changed.  But she has changed. You see one day a local church received permission to have their services in a local bar on Sundays. And one day Deborah came to the bar and heard music and clapping. She went inside and talked to the woman that greeted her at the entrance. “Is there a party going on in here?”  “No,” the lady responded, “we are worshipping Jesus.” Over time Deborah started to attend, and the worship and Word of God set her free from her addictions and addicted her to the love of Jesus Christ. She knows that her life has changed forever. For a time her husband would leave a bottle of liquor in front of her to tempt her back to her old life, until he made a deal with her. If she would stop inviting him to church he would not tempt her with the liquor. So she agreed. But she has not stopped praying for him, her family and the dark neighborhood she lives in. You see when Deborah prays she experiences her Saviors presence and knows his power, not only to change her but everything and everyone around her. She has been praying for her son, who was in prison.  Jesus heard her prayers and appeared to her son in prison in a vision. He surrendered his life to Christ. He is now released and at home, and her husband constantly comments: “What has happened to him. He is always happy, always singing songs to Jesus.  Has he gone crazy?”  Deborah also spends a lot of time on the streets reaching out to the youth in her neighborhood who are struggling with drugs and alcohol, imprisoned in the same dark world where she had been.  She knows her prayers and the love of Christ will reach through to them as it did to her.  As she told me her story she said: “I don’t feel like a Christian, I still smoke some, and I don’t have a marriage like I see others have.” I said: “Deborah, you are more of a Christian than all of us! What God is doing through you in bringing light into a very dark place is an incredible example to us.” Deborah prayed for me that day. The power and anointing in her prayer overwhelmed me with God’s presence. Deborah is a hidden hero of prayer and love that most know nothing of. Please pray for her and others like her who are rescuing the lost in Canada’s dark places.


Joaquin is 76 years old and he is Cuban. He is an animal vet as well as a pastor.  He has no plans on retiring. His life has become more exciting than ever.  Joaquin loves Jesus, and has a passion to tell others about Christ.  He has planted several churches and has been president of the small denomination of house churches of which he is a member.  When he tells you about his life, what he speaks of and demonstrates most is prayer.  Joaquin lives in a tiny one room apartment on the top floor of a house in a poor area of  Havana. He calls his tiny flat “Elijah’s Cave”.  He has always been inspired by the passage of scripture where God took Elijah to a cave on a mountain. It was at a time when Elijah was overwhelmed by fear and persecution and could no longer hear God’s voice. And God taught him to discern His voice again. It was through God’s still quiet voice. Joaquin went through a similar experience when his house church was closed by pressure from the local community. Then all of his children left and immigrated to the US and Spain. He was left alone. However, not only has Joaquin learned to discern God’s voice again but is teaching many others the secret to prayer. Joaquin challenges other believers who want to learn the power of prayer to join him for 3 days on a mountain, to do nothing but wait on God to discern his voice.He believes that only as we first discern God’s voice, can we pray according to his will. Then we can pray with power knowing that if we pray according to his will he will hear and answer us (1 John 5:14,15).  During one of Joaquin’s mountain weekends, as they were listening,  God drew their attention to a temple with an image honoring a goddess that many cubans pray to.  There was agreement as each one listened that God wanted to show them a sign of his power over the demonic spirit that the image represented. So they began to pray that God would shake the temple. During their prayer there was a significant earth tremor, so much so that the roof of the temple was damaged. During the prayer God gave a vision to one of the intercessors.  He saw another temple to the same goddess in Havana damaged to such an extent that a wall had collapsed. When Joaquin returned to Havana he discovered that indeed the wall of the temple had collapsed exactly as God has revealed in the vision!  Joaquin has no plans on slowing down in his passion to equip an army of intercessors who will stand in the gap for Cuba and tear down the strongholds that have held the people of Cuba captive. However, they will not be praying with their own thoughts and strategies but rather with the very thoughts of God.


Miriam is another who has discovered the power of the God’s love in the house of prayer. Miriam lives in Ambato, Ecuador and is married with 3 children.  Her husband is an alcoholic and a violent man. Many times in his rage he has physically abused Miriam, and even thrown her out of the house and onto the street.  But instead of hating him she has refused to stop loving and forgiving him.  She has found her strength in the house of prayer, an invisible but very real spiritual house where Christ awaits her to love her, heal her and give her strength to carry on. Like David, Miriam meets with Christ 7 times a day in his invisible but very real house of prayer (Psalm 119:164), even when sometimes she has been kicked out of her own house.  She knows that her true home, the house of prayer,  is always there for her wherever she is. Christ’s love in Miriam has been an example for her church and her community, and finally for her husband.  Just recently her husband has begun changing, impacted by Christ’s love in Miriam, he is now accompanying her to church.  He has seen the power of God’s love in her, despite all that he has done to hurt her. Miram believes and lives the truth that God’s love always forgives, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres – that His love never fails (1 Corinthians 13: 7,8). Prayer has shown her that. She knew that God’s love would break through even the hardest heart. And it has.


Lucia lives in Cuba in a very poor neigbourhood. Her adult son is completely disabled.  Lucia has fought for years to somehow make an income but also provide for and look after her son. She also dreamed of serving Christ full time but knew she would never have that opportunity because of her circumstances. She felt all alone, imprisoned by her situation. She cried out to Christ for a sign of hope. One day two leaders from the Divine Prayer Clock movement showed up at her door.  They knocked on the door looking for directions to find a pastor who lived in the area. What they did not know was that God had led them to Lucia’s door.  You see the Enemy had been attacking Lucia with thoughts of suicide. The leaders listened to her share her situation and then prayed with her. They invited Lucia to participate in a prayer retreat. The invitation gave her a gleam of hope. But who would look after her son?  At her place of work she knew that her supervisor would not grant her time off. Could God solve that problem as well? She decided to put her hope in God. The next day her supervisor did not come to work because of an illness. Lucia went to her immediate supervisor, and he gave her permission to attend the prayer retreat. The Lord then provided a person to look after her son.  During the prayer retreat Lucia met with Christ in a powerful way.  Satan had plans to destroy her.  But Christ was giving her strength, joy and purpose that she had never experienced  until now. He showed her that her highest calling was in the Kingdom of Priests where he had prepared a special seat of intercession and authority for her. From there she could serve him full time to bring change to her family, church, community and nation. Prayer beside King Jesus has brought hope to Lucia. She now knows she is not alone, but seated beside her King who lives to continually intercede and teach her how to intercede so that God can do more than she can even think or imagine.

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