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Lisney Marayi, a young Cuban Christian was prompted by God during her prayer to leave her home and travel 4 hours south east to Guantanamo to tell others about Christ.  But she began to doubt God’s voice and did nothing. … Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell, Closer Than You Think

Almost a month ago, my father-in-law died. He had lived a full life, farmed with his wife and loved it, raised five daughters and loved them. He never seemed to be anxious or concerned about what he had, or the … Continue reading

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Harper Majority Prayed In

Its official! The Harper government has a majority! For many in Canada watching the elections on May 2nd, 2011, it was somewhat of a surprise.  With the surge in the polls swinging strongly to the NDP, not may predicted that … Continue reading

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China, Cuba, The Church And Change

These are amazing times for the church in many communist countries, and especially for the believers in China and Cuba. For many years, to be christian was a choice to be marginated and even persecuted in these communist nations. Open … Continue reading

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