India – Seeking God’s Order In A City Of Violence!

Establishing Divine Order In A City of Violence and Chaos

In March of 2010, the director of SHOP (Saskatchewan House of Prayer) travelled to India to the province of Karnataka. About 12 hours by train from the capital of Bangalor is a city called Gulbarga.  Gulbarga has been the site of many very violent clashes between the Hindus and Muslims. However, the Christians of Gulbarga have discovered the way to establish God’s government and order.  There in a Bible Institute the Divine Prayer Clock was taught to pastors and leaders.  The teaching was received with great enthusiasm and excitement as it became clear that God has provided clear direction for 24-7 prayer in the Scriptures to unite the believers and establish Christ’s Kingdom through intercession.  One of the pastors responded after the teaching saying: “This is the best teaching we have received on prayer.” The results have been evident.  That pastor has seen his church embrace the teaching and practise of the day hours and night watches of prayer in raising up the house of prayer in India. When God’s divine order is established in the church through prayer it will not be long until it is established in society.

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