North America

The first conference in North America was given in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in September, 2009. Through one of the leaders of SHOP the teaching was taken to India in March of 2010. Since then the Divine Prayer Clock has been spreading to other communities through the Saskatchewan House of Prayer (SHOP). The Saskatchewan House of Prayer has a strategic focus of praying for 7 spiritual gates to the life of the province, including government, education, health, etc. However, there has been a realization that the key gate is the church itself.   Since it is the church that is the House of Prayer, the very government of Christ of the earth, His kingdom of priests. It is the Church of which Christ declared, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).  If the Church gate is not activated the other gates will remain under the influence of the enemy. With that realization, Saskatchewan House of Prayer partnered with the author of the Divine Prayer Clock, whose teaching has a focus of activating and organizing the Body of Christ in each community, province and in the nation in united 24-7 prayer. Most recently, an invitation has been extended to launch the teaching and practice of the Divine Prayer Clock to Miami, Florida.

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